Trained caregivers to assist with Recuperation

Trained caregivers to assist with Recuperation

Care Services offers round the clock after surgery home care to keep you or your loved ones safe and comfortable. Care Services after surgery encompasses many area’s of a person’s recovery, including hygiene needs in the days (or weeks) following a procedure

After Surgery

Adhering to the surgeons recovery plan’s are critical to the reduction of scarring related to many procedures- a small investment in Care Services after the procedure to provide a helping hand will aide in preventing overdoing it. Many clients prefer to recover in complete privacy, making daily errands and outings all but impossible without help. Whether it is Lasix Surgery or Reconstructive Plastic Surgery that call for restricting movements and/or having to stay in place for up to five days, we can be there to help ensure the best possible outcome. Call our office for more info!

After Cancer Treatment

Returning home from a day surgery, chemotherapy or Radiation related to the treatment of cancer should be stress free, safe and comfortable as possible. A compassionate Care Services caregiver or nurse makes this a top priority. Between managing medications, cancer related neuropathy, nausea and fatigue, having assistance from Care Services that understands cancer treatment can make all the difference.