Trained caregivers to assist with Recuperation

Trained caregivers to assist with Recuperation

Care Services offers round the clock after surgery home care to keep you or your loved ones safe and comfortable. Care Services after surgery encompasses many area’s of a person’s recovery, including hygiene needs in the days (or weeks) following a procedure

After Surgery

Adhering to the surgeons recovery plan’s are critical to the reduction of scarring related to many procedures- a small investment in Care Services after the procedure to provide a helping hand will aide in preventing overdoing it. Many clients prefer to recover in complete privacy, making daily errands and outings all but impossible without help. Whether it is Lasix Surgery or Reconstructive Plastic Surgery that call for restricting movements and/or having to stay in place for up to five days, we can be there to help ensure the best possible outcome. Call our office for more info!

After Cancer Treatment

Returning home from a day surgery, chemotherapy or Radiation related to the treatment of cancer should be stress free, safe and comfortable as possible. A compassionate Care Services caregiver or nurse makes this a top priority. Between managing medications, cancer related neuropathy, nausea and fatigue, having assistance from Care Services that understands cancer treatment can make all the difference.


Senior Home Companions- Monrovia CA

Our companions help individuals live safe and healthy in their chosen environment- at home, a retirement center, assisted living, or a skilled nursing facility. And, its never too early to get your loved one accustomed to outside help. We have observed that getting started on a limited basis, even a few hours a week, allows the family member’s and the client to see the benefits that professional assistance can provide.

On Making Difficult Decisions

Difficult decisions can be easy to make when there is clarity. Sometimes the deciding factor is money when deciding between an elder staying at home with an in-home companion or moving into a senior community. An in-home caregiver can be more economical than you think.

A companion can be an extra pair of eyes for your elder, company and social interaction for individuals isolated by their illnesses, and an individual whom family can trust to make an emergency call in the middle of the night.

Consider this scenario: A frail, elderly grandmother was just released from the hospital. It had been a long, stressful two weeks but she is now home – home alone that is. Everyone involved, including her, knows she is still too weak and fragile to be alone. She may trip and fall going to the bathroom, not drink enough water, or be overwhelmed with her daily, basic housekeeping chores.

Everyone in the family works or has overwhelming domestic responsibilities. An assisted living facility seems like a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The family is hesitant to pack up and make such a drastic move knowing that sometimes an elderly person may have just had a setback and some extra care in their own home would put them back on track. The family feels that she would be doing much better in several weeks but would still need continuing assistance. But how to do that when everyone’s responsibilities already having them running at full speed? This is where being informed about the various options available for the elderly in our community will make a huge difference.

This same scenario plays out every week all over California. Making life-changing decisions does not get easier, regardless of the different factors, but having those options laid out by a professional can help you make informed decisions.

Sometimes individuals look forward to change, such as moving into a more social environment, but others may dread the idea. It all depends on their personality.

For those individuals already in assisted living, retirement homes or even in nursing homes, an extra pair of caring hands can make all the difference for the family or individual to feel increasingly comfortable with their environment. At home, an in-home companion can provide a gentle medication reminder, be someone to help your elder get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom safely, someone to do, or assist with, the shopping, a companion for a hand of bridge, or just someone to talk to.

Senior Home Companions is a unique service. Designed, implemented and run by professional nurses with a long history of caring for the elderly in Southern California, Senior Home Companions has taken the concept of case management and elder care to its optimum level – with the goal of providing the best services available.

Board Certified Nurse Practitioners supervise the case managers, who are also licensed nurses. The case managers supervise the certified companions who provide the direct care. This is not just home care – this is independence assistance! You and your elder dictate your schedule – we’re available to help set that up. You are in charge.

And if questions about certain issues arise, Senior Home Companions consults with a round table of advisors – including Board Certified Geriatric Physicians, Registered Dieticians, Physical Therapists and Hospice Professionals – this is in addition to the Nurse Practitioners.